Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Conan in NYC All Week

It's so great to see Conan O'Brien back in NYC.  Doing his show at the famed Beacon Theater to a full capacity crowd, it seems like Conan never left for the doomed Tonight Show stint in LA.  It's vintage Conan with the remote comedy sketches, which is what I, like many other fans of the old Late Night Show have missed immensely.  His show airs on TBS at 11 PM/10 PM Central (I think?). Coming upon the halfway point for his visit to NYC   (note  :,(     ) , here are some highlights...

Conan Delivers Chinese Food

Conan as a Pedicab Driver

Finally, an old friend pays a visit.....

Take home message:  Come back TO NYC Conan!!

(at least bring back Max Weinberg)

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