Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Memorable Cinematic Moments Thanks to Queen and Freddie Mercury

 Google commemorates the birthday of late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury's with a colorful Google Doodle.  Mercury would have turned 65 today.

Since I grew up in the 80's, the heyday of Queen was before my time.  My limited exposure to Queen was in the songs they provided for movie soundtracks.   Freddie Mercury and Queen's signature rock operatic sound provided a very distinctive classic, yet modern sound to any movie.   Here are some notable examples:

Flash Gordon:

"FLASH---AHHH AHHHH!!!"  A  cheesy 80's sci-fi movie, whenever this movie is on SyFy or Fuse, nothing psyches me more for the experience than this theme song. 

Iron Eagle:


Nothing beats listening to Queen while going through a monochrome monitor,  MS-DOS  powered computer flight simulation program to prepare for a secret rescue mission over (unnamed Arab Nation) to rescue your pilot father.  This is probably similar to planning that went into the second invasion of Iraq for the Weapons of Mass Destruction.     


One of the edgiest, fantasy action movie series of the 80's, I always remembered Highlander for two things: the decapitations of the Immortals (and ensuing lightning storm) and the kick-ass soundtrack.

Shaun of the Dead:

Despite the fact that, "it was on random", the song meshed well with this deep climatic scene in Simon Pegg's 2004 Action-Comedy.  A great soundtrack while fighting the undead.

And Of Course Finally:

Wayne's World


  Car rides with your friends would never be the same.  Wayne's World was released in February 1992,  two and half months after Mercury's passing in November 1991.  This movie gave exposure to a whole new generation of fans to Queen and Freddie Mercury's eclectic sound. 

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