Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Geek Cinema courtesy of New York City

I will be going to my first Comic Con in New York City later on this week.  Even though the San Diego event is the premiere one in terms of popularity and well........ the fact that it is THE Comic Con (if you say that you're going to Comic Con people will know or assume that you're going to the San Diego event), I'll say New York wins out as the cooler, much nerdier city.  Let San Diego have their Del Tacos and year-round sunny weather.  Here is some great geek cinema courtesy of the Big Apple. The landmarks and their location are include, just in case you have time to check it out.  Much more thorough map (and my initial inspiration for this very posting)

Ghostbusters - New York Public Library (455 5th Ave)


I have spent many hours in this place during graduate school.  Unfortunately never a ghost sighting (probably would have kept me awake). 

GI Joe - Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island, New York)

Opening sequence of the animated GI Joe Movie from 1987.  Probably one of the finest openings to a movie   (okay probably in the top 3).  These 4 minutes certainly beat the entire GI Joe: Rise of Cobra that's for sure.

Night at the Museum - American Museum of Natural History (Central Park West at 79th Street)

Great movie overall and awesome museum. 

Big - FAO Schwarz - 767 5th Avenue


  When I first saw Big as a child, it  made me want to do two things:  (1) Become an adult  as quickly as possible so I can have an apartment in the city equipped with trampoline and pinball machine.  (2) Learn to play piano.  I have failed on both fronts, but I did eventually learn Chopsticks.  Regarding the piano at FAO Schwarz, it is still there, "Many people travel from around the world to take a stroll on the now famous "Big" piano", according to Wikipedia.
Ghostbusters II - Museum of Modern Art- - 11 West 53rd Street


 I still have a fear of looking at paintings, thanks to this movie.

Incredible Hulk - Apollo Theater - 253 West 125th Street


Even though the area in and around the Apollo has cleaned up recently, I wouldn't venture too much further than here.  If you step into an area that seems like Hulk and Abomination have just fought through there, you know you went too far. 

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