Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Origin of Lost Smoke Monster.....EXPLAINED!

One of the many mysteries of the hit ABC show Lost (e.g. where was the island, are the passengers dead or alive, etc.) have finally been revealed.  The origin.... (wait for it)....


 The origin has been revealed to originate from (after the jump)

 Straight from Evangeline Lilly's Sweet Ass....

"One time there was this guy who was really awful to me, and I was really struggling that day, because I had really bad gas. And as a flight attendant, you don't let that go when you're on a plane," she said. "So this guy got under my skin to the point that finally I decided to save it all up, and when I was walking past him and when I got to row 48... I let it rip, right in his face."

I did not think that girls, especially a hot one like this ever farted , ever, at all in public.  I am shocked.  Shocked AND appalled....maybe a little turned on, too..

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